Terms & Conditions

  1. This agreement supersedes all previous costs provided.
  2. All prices are subject to VAT @ 20%.
  3. All written communication to be received at Lodge Park, Lodge Lane, Langham, Colchester, CO4 5NE.
  4. Costs do not include accommodation of sustenance for staff and these where applicable will be added to the invoice and approved by the client prior to incurring the charges.
  5. On commencement 50% is payable within 7 days of invoice, and the final invoice (post event) is payable within 7 days.
  6. Any Credit/Debit Card processing will be subject to a 6% fee and £10 transaction charge.
  7. Upon verbal or written confirmation, cancellation terms and conditions will apply: -
    a. More than 6 months notice 10% of the total bill is payable
    b. Less than 6 months but more than 4 months 25% of the total bill is payable
    c. Less than 4 months but more than 2 months 50% of the total bill is payable
    d. Less than 60 days but more than 45 days 75% of the total bill is payable
    e. Less than 44 days 100% of the total bill is payable
  8. KAT Creativ Ltd t/a KAT Marketing (KAT) is able to publicise their business association with the client but cannot use or publicise the client name or brand without prior permission.
  9. The client undertakes not to recruit KAT staff throughout the duration of the contract. The obligation not to employ or otherwise entice KAT staff and / or consultants will expire after a period of twelve (12) months from the cessation of the contractual relations between KAT and the client. In the event of any default under this obligation, the client undertakes to compensate KAT by paying a sum equal to the gross remuneration the employee has received over the twelve (12) months preceding their departure from KAT. KAT offers the same guarantee to the client.
  10. In line with standard contract practice, a 10% administration charge will be added to the charge for all purchased products and services to cover:
    a. Client interface
    b. Creation of brief
    c. Supplier interface
    d. Creation of proposal
    e. Supplier contract negotiation
    f. Quality control
    g. Liability oversight
    h. Financial probity
    i. Invoice reconciliation