19 Aug 2016

This week I ventured out into the real business world with KAT Marketing. It was to be a week full of new experiences, lessons learned and less tea/coffee making than I originally thought – I mean it’s what you assume when on work experience…right?

I really had no idea what to expect during my time with KAT but I knew that making a good first impression was key. I was to get there 10 minutes early and make sure I calmed my nerves beforehand. Well that’s what I hoped would happen anyway, but alas the universe would obviously rather that I got lost getting there and enter the office freaking out that I was late (only by like 2 minutes, but still not really what you want on your first day). However, as soon as I entered the office I instantly felt more comfortable; I was taken around the building and shown where the essentials are like toilets, fire escapes and coffee (yes, coffee is an essential), everything was so new and daunting but I had to push that to the back of my mind and be confident.

The first thing the team asked me to do was research the upcoming 2016 Emerald Ball, then write a press release for the event; I had never done anything like this before but I got stuck in and racked my brain back to all of my English lessons so that I would be able write in coherent sentences. I had just had 3 weeks off college and so writing was not at the forefront of my mind. The press release came together quickly and it actually didn’t sound half bad. The rest of the day went like a whirlwind, I researched for the Emerald Ball, I learnt how to write social media posts and drank way too much coffee for someone my size! Suddenly it was over and I was at home ready to see what the next day of work experience would bring….

Walking in on my second day was the polar opposite to the day before, I knew where I was going and what I was doing.  On this day I was to mainly work on creating content for various client’s social media accounts. I had to ensure that whatever was written reflected the business and what they stand for. This was a really good experience for me as I felt I was really getting a good feel of how to change my writing style to fit with the different clients.

For the rest of the week I continued to create and schedule content for social media, edit and resize photos and brainstorm content for the KAT Marketing YouTube channel (amongst other tasks of course). One thing that I found from my time here is that I was left to be independent. I didn’t have anyone standing over my shoulder the entire time checking if I was working. I was trusted to do the work, so I did. I felt like the work I was doing was actually worthwhile and that I was bringing something to the company that was useful (I hope anyway).

My time at KAT Marketing has taught me a lot. I have learnt how to adjust my writing style to fit clients, how to schedule and upload social media content, how to write press releases, how to write an amazing blog post *cough cough* and most importantly how many cups of coffee it takes until I can no longer feel my toes, its 6 if you wanted to know. I am going to take this experience with me as I finish my studies and peruse a career in Fashion Marketing.

Written by Poppy West on Work Experience with KAT Marketing