14 Aug 2019

Landing pages are unique pages created with only one purpose in mind – to convert users into leads. Whether your business is selling a new product, selling tickets to an event or even increasing your subscribers, a landing page has no limitations and you can create as many as you like.

How should a landing page look?

Landing pages differentiate from the website as they will have no distractions, such as a navigation to other pages and are in general very minimal. A landing page will simply guide the user to converting with strategically placed and engaging call to actions. Overloading the page with content can sometimes deter conversions, so it is always advisable to run a split test.

What is split testing?

Do you have a very diverse target audience or more than one idea? A split test is a way of creating multiple page variations. Consider changing the content length or the colours of the call to actions, but almost any module within your landing page can be split tested. This is great for understanding your audience and interpreting what works best for your business. Once the landing pages are set up, and you have a large enough sample audience, you can compare the conversion rates and choose between the two.

How to market your landing page

So you have created your landing page, now you need to receive traffic. This can be from many sources such as from your social channels or organic search. If you are not receiving the results you expect and are looking for an influx of traffic you can always pay to drive for traffic to your website, via social ads and PPC.

Want to have more conversions? Create an engaging landing page to influence your visitors and increase your leads. You will also learn so much more about your demographic and over time will find creating landing pages very beneficial and simple to set up. Having trouble? We can not only help you with creating your landing pages, but help market them too so get in touch today…