02 Oct 2018

Retailers spend years honing their consumer journey to maximise sales from every customers which walks through their door. Why wouldn’t you be doing the same with your website? All e-commerce businesses spend time and money building up the traffic visiting their website. Traffic is one thing, but converting those visits into cold hard cash and then keeping them coming back time and time again is the real challenge. Is your e-commerce shop stopping visitors following through with their purchase by being too complex? Here are a couple of tips to guarantee visits to happy shoppers:

Keep it quick

Simplicity is key to holding an online shopper’s interest. A quick win for the usability of your checkout is to reduce the traditional three or four fields for the customer’s name down to just one. The fact is some users will start filling out the “first name” field with their full name instinctively, moving on the “last name” field to realise their mistake and have to go back. Better still, one field will reduce the total number of form fields and improve overall page readability.

Hide superfluous forms

Is there anything more frustrating than entering the same info twice? Thought not, so why would you ask customers choose to fill out their address again for billing and shipping. More often than not the billing address is the same as the shipping address, so hide the billing address fields behind a button or offer the visitor the option to duplicate the fields. By relieving the burden of filling out an address twice off you avoid aggravating an engaged customer ready to part with their money.

Have your customers ‘cart-wheeling’ with glee at their next purchase on your website by simplifying the journey and take the weight out of the buying process both functionally and aesthetically.

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