20 Jul 2015

It had been years since I had been to a Carnival although I have fond memories of sitting on the pavement clutching a bag of pennies watching the floats but all that changed this weekend as the KAT team took to the streets of Colchester!

We thought we’d act on some of the advice we often give our clients “get your name out there” … “have fun” and we signed up to the Colchester “Heros and not so Nasty Villains” Carnival.

One of the KAT mantras is “plan, plan, plan!” and with gusto and some panto-style humour we got planning from the office brainstorming about theming, our newly designed branded KAT trailer and banner, to the fabulous outfits and coordinating our dance moves we loved it!

This morning the office seems quiet without the rallying cries of “Marketeers – All for One and One for All” – we can’t wait till they announce next year’s theme!