29 May 2020

Being prepared for everything is always useful when it comes to running a business. With a lot of us getting ready to go back to the office soon – including the KAT team, who will be back at our usual desks from 1st June 2020 – we need to be thinking about if the office itself is all set for our return.

The likelihood is there has been several pieces of non-essential equipment sitting unused for the past few months whilst you’ve been working from home. Before the whole team returns, create a list of checks and tests to run on your equipment to ensure that everything is working accordingly for a smooth transition back into office life.

If you have printers in the office that have not been utilised for a while, check that they are working properly and haven’t dried out in the time that you have been away – it’s worth running a printer maintenance and checking ink levels both in the printer and in your stock. Other equipment that may need testing include scanners and other non-remote items.

Of course, you will want to make your workplace as safe as possible upon your employees return – take the time beforehand to clean and sterilize computer mice, keyboards and other pieces of equipment as well as the desk areas in general. Make sure that, where possible, you have remote access and diagnostic tools for employee’s PC’s, as this will be required to maintain and support users and keep to social distancing guidelines where possible.

Even though your workforce may be returning to work, you may still have some home working employees. It is still worth remembering to balance the work load on the servers between remote users and office users, as in most networks the office users will receive priority due to their connection being direct; be aware there could be less resource available for the remote users.

If you require help devising a marketing strategy for your return to work, give the KAT team a call on 01206 765544