Overcoming PR Nightmares

11 Oct 2021

Halloween is creeping right around the corner, meaning it’s the time of year when our minds wander to the things that scare us the most. For some that might be spiders, ghosts, or clowns… but for businesses? A PR crisis is the nightmare on Fleet Street that companies never want to come true.

But just like garlic or direct sunlight, there are ways to protect your business from an unexpected scare that sees a serious threat lurking in the shadows dissipate to dust. So first up, be prepared. Work now to build a strong and resilient brand that has the strength to withstand a hit from a PR disaster. Also, devise a PR strategy and contingency planning that is both flexible and effective to ensure that you are as ready as you can be for the unexpected. This strategy can be made up of pre-prepared press releases and action plans, crisis communication tools and management, as well as a clear strategy for internal communication and decision making that can adapt to different scenarios.

But what about you as a brand? How can you ensure that a little public slip up doesn’t have lasting implications on your business’s reputation?

Try looking at things through the lens of the audience. Are you more likely to sympathise with a company that attempts to cover up their mishaps, or one that owns up to and acknowledges the mistakes that have been made? Be prepared to be vulnerable and allow the public to see not just a brand, but the human beings behind it. Being open and transparent about the situation at hand, and holding yourself accountable, may help to win back any trust lost between you and your target audience. Honesty really is the best policy!

Lastly, try to connect with your audience on a personal level. Reflect on the common beliefs and shared values between your business and your customers within your communications and build trust through consistent and clear messaging.

For more advice on how to avoid being spooked by a PR nightmare, get in contact with the KAT pack today on 01206 765544 and we’ll help you devise a PR strategy tailored to your business.