01 Oct 2015

We’re a pretty cheerful bunch at KAT Marketing and I for one believe that positivity and in fact negativity are catching.  We would advocate a positive approach in sales and marketing (and generally in life) believing it leads to positive results.

Assuming a positive outcome will lead you to approach opportunities with more enthusiasm, energy and confidence. And this positive approach can be used with great effect in marketing and sales.

The sales technique “Assumptive Closing” assumes your prospective client/customer will buy your product or service and through the sales process you subtly convey this assumption. Having positive expectations delivers results perhaps it allows us space to be more resourceful or helps us shed our “British reserve.”

I am not suggesting adopting a blinkered view, as with all sales it is necessary to do your research, qualifying the lead and delivering value, but it is also important to respond to your audience, gauging their reaction and adjusting accordingly. 

We have all experienced a sales person who doggedly follows steps of a formulaic sales process and there is a natural tendency to push back.  If the prospective lead feels that instead of “sales patter” they are being guided by someone confident, knowledgeable and positive, the results are more positive.

Glass half full Glass half full, a positive approach is important in marketing whether you are organising an event, sharing your company vision or responding to the media in the face of a crisis.  Believing in the outcome and delivering positive messages is key.

Just one example of delivering a positive message in dreadful circumstances was a well know holiday firm’s media response in the event of the horrific shootings in Tunisia.  The interviewers persistently asked about refunds and compensation but the representative stayed on message explaining that their focus was on wellbeing and getting people home – a positive, caring message. 

Banish negativity!  If this sounds all a bit too much like we are trying to encourage you to join a cult start small, banish negativity and be positive for a day and then a week and we believe you will see the change and more opportunities.

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