05 Jan 2016

New Year New You?

Hardly “Happy New Year” is muttered before you are asked about whether you made any New Year resolutions. It is, of course, the time of year with a new year beginning; the perfect time for a bit of reflection and the adverts are a clue that this “New Year, New You – Resolution Fever” is epidemic crammed full of diets, exercise and holidays!

But I can’t say we subscribe to “New Year, New You” as it suggests something negative about the old you and frankly we liked the old you a lot!  The pitch is wrong and as we say a lot to our clients good PR is getting your message right and sharing it.  But there are things appealing about a new year, or in fact a new anything, it is a time for new beginnings, a fresh start, a refocus whether at home or at work.

A new year is the perfect time for a spot of planning to make sure your resolutions don’t get lost along the way.  “Plan, Plan, Plan” is a favourite KAT chant, we believe a plan (be that a marketing plan or any other) allows you to work towards a goal even if you make deviations on route.

Don’t let your planning be derailed going the same way as the “thigh buster 2000” talk to the KAT Marketing about your 2016 marketing plan and make 2016 count!

At KAT we have been taking out own advice and our first blog of the year sees our 2016 Marketing Plan in motion!

Some of the KAT team personal resolutions which could probably be renamed confessions:

“My New Year’s resolution is not to make any … And now that I’ve broken it I’m all done with resolutions this year!”

“Didn’t make any… apart from the normal get fit, get healthy…started the 2016 talking about my resolution with a large glass of wine.”

 “Teach the kids a new Afrikanns word each week”

“Do less laundry, use more deodorant!”