02 Mar 2015

Super excited to have joined KAT Marketing and as the newest team member I have been thinking a lot about what it means “Becoming KAT”!

Dressing from head to foot in Pink? Wearing smart clothes for the office (after maternity leave the idea of “dressing for the office” is challenging, exciting and of course a wonderful excuse, if one was needed, to buy new clothes)?  Organising wonderful events? Networking? Building relationships? Promoting clients? Being creative?   I am ruling out dressing from head to foot in pink but am on board with all the others.

I think to become part of the KAT Team you need a zest for life, a love of people, creative flair and some serious organisational skills.  Reading this back I seem to have started recruiting for more KAT members rather than introducing myself… send in your CVs!  Seriously I am delighted to be part of the KAT team and look forward to getting started!