Welcoming Aaliyah to the KAT Pack

21 Apr 2022

Hi, I’m Aaliyah. I’m the new social media content creator over at KAT. If you need help with social media posts and blog writing, I’m your girl.

As the newest member of Team KAT, I’m here to help with your social media strategy, organic posting, content creation and blog writing. Content has always been king, but the pandemic has seen continued growth and an incessant hunger for more and more... Keeping up to date with your social calendars is a vital part to any business but it can take up a lot of time. Social should also mean ‘social’ and it’s a collaborative partnership between you, the client, and us as experts to ensure that your audience really get a sense of who and what you’re about. Value-driven brand perception is now as important as it has ever been, and you are expected to showcase actions – not just words. We can deliver your online messaging effectively and provide an injection of energy and creativity into your online persona.

I have emerged in the digital marketing world from a background in social media influencing. From a young age, I managed to grow an audience of thousands via organic social posting – so it’s safe to say I know my stuff. Social media influencing is one of the most powerful tools in today’s marketing – it can help generate brand awareness and increase social engagement. It may sound simple but social media influencing can be challenging. I have gained familiarity and had great success with creating social content for a large range of brands, attending PR events, email marketing and more. My previous experience will be of great added value to the KAT pack and your company’s digital marketing.

Want us to help further? Call us today and invite us to engage your customers online, help increase your followers and most importantly, join in the conversations that matter most to you and your company.