16 Feb 2018

Like everything, when something new and shiny comes along we all take in a breadth and consider if this will revolutionise the world in which we live. Sliced bread? Amazon? Mobile phones? They have all transformed how we purchase. But we still buy a rolls, still shop on the high street and still have corded phones for our homes. The fact is that sometimes new does not mean better and that can definitely be applied to marketing. Social media is the talk of the town, however the traditional marketing forms still hold a place including:


You’ll hear a lot about emails being forced into spam folders and queries on potential open rates when discussing whether to continue with e-shots. From our point of view, they still hold an invaluable place in the marketing universe, if you have a good data list. When you have an engaged email database e-shots can drive good conversions and awareness of your latest offers and deals over any other medium.


Ever since the Nokia 3210 disappeared into the distance SMS died with it right? Not completely. As emails and then instant messaging took over, SMS did quickly become outdated. But, the buzz of receiving a text never went and you’ll find yourself still prioritising it over other incoming correspondence. If our phone providers still use to verify information and provide updates then surely it still plays a vital part in the mobile marketing eco-system.

Above the line advertising

Tracking has come on leaps and bounds with online advertising techniques making traditional advertising on radio, TV and billboards seem expensive in comparison. However, these older mediums should not be discounted as our brains are still hard-wired to take notice of billboards or listen to radio adverts. Just because you can’t track conversions as easily as online advertising you won’t find many marketers discounting the power of above the line advertising.

The cliché is right, you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But the old tricks still pack a marketing punch…