2014 FROM 1989

17 Jan 2014

Having seen the London Underground’s 150th efforts recently, I remember sitting in class like a good little student planning our class’s own space time capsule so that all the aliens could learn about us when they landed in 2014….

Cut to 2014 and we are a Martian-free world, although granted there have been many other changes in the last few decades. Mars hasn’t landed yet but the day after tomorrow appears to be coming startlingly true with the weather changes frightening many people in many continents.  From new governments to fashionably high haircuts, to tweeting and trending – we’ve all been through a lot in the last 25 years and we are still learning.

The way we communicate has certainly not remained the same and I wonder if we ever did have the joy of meeting some little green men whether we’d now attempt our first liaison with their species in just 140 characters?

Whether it comes naturally or not there is now no denying that social media is the easiest and most effective way to communicate with your chosen audience and all for free!

We provided more training on social media to our clients than any other service we offered in December last year.  If, like the original brick-like mobile phone of the 80’s, you are having difficulties acclimatising to the new comms channels of the day and age then just give us a call and we’lll help and explain how to use social media correctly and how it can make more money for your company.

In 2011 you could ignore it, in 2014 you can’t.  In another 25 years time not using social media would be like not using the internet.  Remember Bill Gate’s comment in the 80’s re the internet being just a fad?  Still one of my favourite most amusing quotes of all time.

We’re in 2014 now – we’ll get your pinterest in an instagram and you’ll actually know why and how and then perhaps you may even (tiny gasp) start enjoying it too….

Besides, you’ll want to know how to be able to chat to those little green men in 2039 won’t you?!

Happy New Year one and all x