13 Jul 2017

This week I started my work experience in KAT Marketing and have begun learning from the word go. Whilst I had done some work experience before doing freelance public relations, I had not yet had the chance to venture into the world of PR and marketing on such a large scale as this. On the first day, I was given the usual information and document that any new recruits would. I was given the health and safety information alongside a tour of the building and the office layout. However, whilst part of the details of what makes up KAT Marketing’s through its work and the company’s culture and values were explained to me in my interview, this was expanded upon further.

Next up I learnt about the KAT Marketing team’s set up and what everyone’s job title actually entailed. Everyone on the team were extremely helpful and friendly. The team helped me get to grips with the specialised emailing and filing system, a tool which I found to be very useful once I was comfortable with it.

My first proper PR task consisted of researching and creating a press release for one of KAT Marketing’s closest clients, the National Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). The NSPCC were holding a charity event, the Emerald Ball, and I was tasked with writing a portion of the content inviting people to donate and contribute to the charity auction. Whilst I had looked at examples of press releases in preparation, I was still anxious to get both the format and style right. I used the company’s prior press releases relating to other aspects of the event to get an understanding of how I should frame this one and got to task. The team was able to help me with any queries I had and while it was my first real attempt at doing something like this I was happy with the end result.

Through my time with KAT Marketing I was given various tasks which included more research for possible media outlets for an event that was in the early stages for Christmas (yes already). Another aspect which was initially one part daunting, two parts exciting, was that I was creating and editing other content which once checked was going to be uploaded to a number of KAT Marketing client’s websites.
After the initial first few days of apprehension, I found this to be a great experience. I got to learn a lot more about what businesses in the Colchester and Essex area do and whilst with KAT Marketing I was given the freedom to be able to really flex my writing muscles and become far more confident in my public relations skills.