06 Dec 2019

Tis’ the season and the glow has begun.  The tree is out. The office party is booked. Event season is in full swing.

At KAT, we love a bit of Christmas! We’ve decorated our desks, Christmas jumper date has been set for James, Victoria has organised our charity sparkle event, Catherine’s written the KAT Christmas Quiz, Shelley’s on Secret Santa, Alex has taken ownership of the office tree, Tayyab and Brian are on chocolate overload, Lorraine’s designed the Christmas cards, stuffed the sweetie bags and ordered the corporate gifts, whilst Kate is even jollier than usual (a very hard task indeed!). I’ve booked the team’s London ‘do’ at The Pianoworks, with a full-on grand illusion hummer for the team and their partners to travel in style and get the KAT party started.  We don’t need much encouraging – KAT is all in for Christmas!

And so, it seems only right, at the height of such fun and frivolity and joy, that we all look around us and recognise that not everyone’s Christmas is, or will be, full of the festive fun we sometimes take for granted.  Those in need, those in pain, those with sadness in their lives. For some, this season is the hardest.

As a company, we’re heavily involved with many charities, including my own charity of choice, the NSPCC. Their worthwhile services cannot exist without fundraising, and more importantly, without communities coming together to help wherever and however they can.

We just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has helped support our charitable events in 2019 and to say here’s to how we can all try to help one and all out in 2020.

This season, like every season, has people that need our help, our thoughts, our money or our time.  There are so many worthy causes, often you’ll reach out to one that personally touches or stirs something within you.

Make this season the season we all look to give an extra gift to someone we don’t know – in any way that we can.

After all, it is Christmas.