02 Apr 2019

When we talk about what we do, I tell people that we are educators.  Marketing is about education. Educating your customers about your product and/or services so that they can buy from you to fulfil their needs and desires.

On that basis, we are, as marketeers, in the business of educating others on behalf of others.  Therefore, it is of interest to us to see the changing landscape of education itself and the next generation of workers coming up through the ranks.  As the business of education itself is changing.

As a company, we support regional enterprise endeavours whilst being active on several development committees and boards all with an interest in our children’s futures.

Rather than university, higher paid internships and other access to opportunities models have been something we have been applauding and watching with great interest.

Experience and adapting to change are also elements of marketing and campaigns that we value highly, and these are skillsets to not just teach our youth but for old dogs to embrace new tricks.

The ways in which we all learn are very different – which is why it is necessary to communicate in different ways to our many different audiences.

It is of no surprise then that the way we take on information to learn, to be educated, has become antiquated and is in need of a change itself.

If we were in the business of marketing education, we would say it is time for a rebrand!