20 Jul 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 led to a lot of changes in both our personal and professional lives. Having to comply with social distancing guidelines had a huge impact on businesses whose services require their customers to be within fairly close proximity as other members of the public, such as restaurants, bars and beauty salons. The global pandemic also put a pause on live events such as concerts and festivals.

It has recently been announced that outdoor events may resume from Saturday 11th July 2020. Whilst this is excellent news, we must still keep in mind that Covid-19 has not gone anywhere, and many of us are still trying to spend as little time out in public as we can to reduce the spread of the virus.

As a business, you may still be on the fence about hosting live events despite the ease of restrictions, as you want to ensure that everyone in attendance feels safe and at ease. If you believe that virtual events are a better option for you, your employees and your customers for the time being, we are here to help.

There is an abundance of virtual event platforms out there, so no matter if you are holding a conference, careers fair or a charity fundraiser, there is a host out there that has everything you need for you and your customers to have a successful experience.

Not only are virtual events an option for occasions that you have had to cancel, they are a great way to keep your customers and audience engaged whilst easily keeping in line with social distancing requirements. Use these platforms to hold immersive online classes, demos, webinars, interviews and more – not interacting with your demographic in person does not mean that you can’t provide them with beneficial content.

If you are looking into holding virtual events for your business and would like some guidance on choosing a platform, planning and hosting, give the KAT team a call on 01206 765544.