16 Mar 2016

Telling people you organise events generally elicits one of two responses “Wow that’s exciting” or “Wow, that’s terrifying…so much to remember, lots of responsibility and pressure etc” and I suppose both are true in part. 

Planning an event may appear overwhelming but we recommend you start with aims and objectives.  Whether you are planning an anniversary celebration, conference, business awards or family event aims and objectives are key.  We usually sit down with our clients and talk about why we doing an event and what the measures of success are and then throughout the planning this keeps everyone on track.  Measures of success may be anything from audience generation, sales, positive feedback, raising a certain amount of money to the dancefloor being full all evening!

We would recommend sharing the vision and aims of the event with all those involved team members, family and/or suppliers.  This ensure event buy-in and we find delivers better results.

At KAT the Events team have organised everything from celebrity parties to royal events and although we each have our own planning style the common tread is attention to detail and follow up. 

Personally, I am a lover of a list which works brilliantly with events, although not so much at home when the mere mention of a list has my husband’s eyes rolling.  A list ensures things are not forgotten, progress is made and objectives are delivered.   

When planning your event check, check and check again.  Just because someone says they will do something, doesn’t necessarily mean they will and if you are relying on that something, it is imperative that you follow up.

Working in events it is necessary to have a level of creativity and an ability to think on your feet as things do not always go to plan and to be able to respond quickly and effectively is hugely important.  If this is something that worries you we would suggest some contingency planning and working with people that can support you such as an event management firm and experienced suppliers.

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