Future Inspirations at Manningtree High School

09 Nov 2021

Students heading into A Levels and GCSEs in the coming months must be among one of the most challenged generations in decades. With an education interrupted at the most crucial stage by the global pandemic, it is also this generation that is facing the seismic transformations in both the UK and global economies that will be brought about through the ongoing fight against Covid, life after Brexit and the changes our world will see, however successful we are in halting climate change.

We have always believed that business has a key role to play in supporting our educators to best prepare the students for the workplace, and business support continues to be a small but important cog in the big wheel of helping the next wave of school leavers to find work, and more specifically job opportunities that can be the start of a career.

Last Friday, our Content Manager Julian Read joined representatives from around 20 other businesses and organisations at Manningtree High School for a special Education Enterprise event. Close to 150 students each had the chance to experience what it might be like to be interviewed for a job, spending around 10 minutes with a leader from local business.

Julian felt privileged to be involved, feeling great encouragement from spending time with engaged, energised and enlightened students who were able to articulate their aspirations for the future and how they might be the best candidate for a role at the firm each of us was representing, in Julian’s case, KAT Marketing.

These students will have an important part to play in our future, so we hope that each of Julian’s interviewees enjoyed the same level of inspiration from the event that he did.