23 May 2014

Well, the office has (I’ve been told) been fairly peaceful with me out at Grand Designs Live all last week.  I’m tearful and touched that my presence was so missed!  Yes, I am going to go with that angle…we are in PR, afterall. 

I have to say, our clients at this year’s GD Live exhibition were very impressed with this year’s event.  Check out this article in Exhibition News 

And it definitely lived up to those claims.  From an ‘on the ground’ exhibitor’s point of view it was great to see so many eager people ready to move forward with their plans – as though the recession was a thing of the past and building is the only future. 

We were fortunate enough to meet the lovely George Clarke from Channel 4 series The Home Show (photo above with our client Simon Clarke, Clarke Infinity) who was extremely charming and helpful towards our client – so here’s my shout out for the courtesy shown!

The whole programme was fantastic with interaction and opportunities for all and the footfall was busy with quality leads.

So it will be quiet in the office about the same time next year as we will definitely recommend this exhibition to our clients again and I’ll be present for 2015.

Was that a muffled cheer I just heard from behind me?