30 May 2017

When you are competing for an audience in a competitive market and trying to ensure your target audience chooses your event rather than another then making your event stand out is key.

In May the KAT Marketing team are in full Christmas planning mode and whilst the country is gripped with a mini heat-wave we are working on creatives and stand-out ideas. But whether promoting a town at Christmas or a business at an exhibition we apply the same principles:

  • Focus on the audience
  • Remember the purpose
  • Be creative, be brave
  • Stick with it
  • Plan, plan and plan

Focus on the audience it sounds obvious but we have all been to events that have a muddled offering and this often is a lack of focus on the core target audience. If you are targeting children under 5 then providing archery as a main attraction is wrong for the audience whereas unicorn riding or dinosaur hunting is a good fit.

Remember the purpose, what do you want to achieve? Driving footfall, product sales, securing follow up appointments, promotion, PR? Agree the aims and shape your event to deliver them. If you are exhibiting and wish to book follow up appointments then think about a draw – it needs to achieve the right balance making people stop but not too over powering ensuring the sales team have the ability to engage with people.

Be creative and be brave. When brainstorming let the ideas lead and then work out the practicalities afterwards rather than getting bogged down in the details and dismissing what could be great ideas. If you decide on a theme for your event, stick with it giving your event a cohesive feel and maximising spend.

Plan, plan and plan is my event maxim whether that is designing an event, generating an audience, or organising speakers, well thought thorough project management is vital. Simple but effective – make a list and keep adding to it!

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