01 Aug 2000

Selfridges became the first London department store to embrace Christmas yesterday with 147 days to go till the big day! Their Christmas shop opened with jingle bells ringing out, Father Christmas greeting shoppers and the store bedecked with tinsel and baubles.

This news has been received by the public with a mix of horror and delight. Privately I am torn whether I can start shopping yet but on the other hand all this talk of Christmas allows me to hum Christmas tunes without censor! The focus on Christmas is nothing new in the KAT Marketing offices where after a decade in business we are very use to Christmas in the sun. Before you wonder we are not celebrating the festive season from an idyllic retreat in the Caribbean but spending our summer planning from the KAT Office.

We are busy planning Christmas events, designing creatives, dreaming up campaigns and implementing strategies. July is the perfect time to get prepared and ensure you are ahead of the competition.

Have you got a handle on your Christmas marketing? Talk to our team today about how we can help you make Christmas 2017 special.