10 Jun 2014

We have just announced the Colchester NSPCC Business Group’s annual Emerald ball is to be held at Wivenhoe House on Saturday 8th November and with a lovely lilting Irish theme to the night’s fundraising endeavours.  Naturally our attention is drawn towards promoting early bird booking offers and the pre planning of recruiting auction items that will really maximise attracting monies on the night. 

So it was with interest that I read this article in Event Industry News  http://goo.gl/b9mhu7  about Ibids and their situation with Augusta Golf.  On some level, we all have to have faith in the provider of an auction item and we are taught early not to look a gift horse in the mouth – but on this occasion it was £32,500 worth of gifts that were return to sender. 

From a PR point of view, I have to say, I think the whole episode was handled very well by Ibids – they were straight in to underwrite the monies and the prizes for any winners so that none of their charity partners were left exposed. 

But it does show you that it can happen to anyone and at anytime – I’m very sure Augusta Golf didn’t intend to leave charities short of their originally very kind donations, but as they sit in administration it is Ibid picking up the pieces of the shortfall on their inability to deliver. 

We are always so grateful to our sponsors and donators for their prizes for raffle and auctions for our events – not just for their generosity but for their reliability too. 

Well done to Ibids self-rescue and well done to all donators and sponsors throughout the country.  Great partnerships and accountability are what make events and businesses in general, a success.