11 Apr 2011

For one night only! Cats on a hot tin roof! No, make that KATs on a hot coal bed!

The Colchester NSPCC Business Group is organising a Charity Firewalk Challenge on Wednesday 27th April. It’s at the Weston Homes Community Stadium – home of Col U – in the evening, and we want YOU to come and take part!

All the money we raise – and we want to bring in around £6,000 from the event – will be spent on local services for local children in need.

It sounds like a crazy thing to do, but when organisations like St John Ambulance have used it to raise money, you know it must be OK. We’re looking forward to it, and it should be a great event – lots of fun, completely different and in a very good cause.

It’s run by Blaze Firewalking, one of the longest-established and most respected companies of its kind. They give everyone who takes part a private, two-hour motivational fear-busting seminar, to give us what we need to walk unharmed across 20 feet of wood embers burning at 1,236 degrees Fahrenheit!

It’s one of those events that people get a real buzz from. We’ll all have fun together – and we’ll be talking for weeks afterwards about how we can’t believe we did it*.

AND we’ll raise a load of cash for the NSPCC!

Go on, call 01206 765544 and book your place today.

Find out more about Blaze Firewalking and their stringent safety procedures:

Find out more about the Colchester NSPCC Business Group:

* But if anyone has last-minute doubts, they can drop out whenever they like!