13 Apr 2015

When starting any project we would recommend that you begin with the end in mind!  I know that seems obvious but what we mean is at the beginning, before you start, identify what you think are successful outcomes and work back.

Occasionally the successful outcomes a client might identify are tricky to achieve… positive press in light of a disaster, footfall to an event that is not well located. Tricky, but not impossible.

A recent KAT example of this was the new clinic launch for Refresh Athlete Development and Physio at Dukes Meadows in Chiswick.  The launch was to be at The Boat Race and our client informed us “on the wrong side of the river” on the opposite side to the pubs and the crowds.  Our brief, footfall… thinking caps on!

So we focused on the desired result and made a plan…

Draw them in – design an event that people want to attend… drinks, entertainment something eye catching  a draw, experts – making it fun and memorable.

Spread the word – share what we are planning “make them come” social media, press releases, design print and distribute a leaflet drop, e-newsletter to name but a few.

Work up the crowd – on the day don’t leave it to chance, get busy… social media and more social media, promotion at the station as people arrive, work the crowd with the entertainers – simply use everything you’ve got!

Working the crowd

Seize every opportunity –  be adaptable capitalising on every opportunity,  press interest (BBC, Sky, Ministry of Experiences), photos for post event use, signage to get your message across, meeting local people, developing relationships with potential clients and other businesses…

A little luck – I know that is not something that people like to hear but it’s true any event has a level risk, of things not playing out as you had hoped, parts that may have to be chalked up to a learning experience such as rain at an outdoor event.  And at the Boat Race we all got soaked setting up but then beautiful blue skies!


A favourite saying or perhaps chant of the KAT team is “Plan, plan, plan” and “Begin with the end in mind” is perhaps just another way of saying plan, plan and plan!