29 Nov 2010

We won!

We’re very happy to say that we won this year’s Business Innovation of the Year Award at the Colchester District Awards. The awards – organised by Newsquest, which publishes the Colchester Gazette and Essex County Standard – were handed out at a ceremony at Charter Hall on Friday night, 26 November.

Our innovation is a unique ‘time credit system’ for retainer-based clients. Instead of a conventional monthly retainer, we basically sell our time. With each client, we put together a monthly plan which sets out the number of hours we’ll work for them, and how we’ll spend that time. It makes the work we do adaptable to a client’s needs, allowing them to buy more time in a month or roll their hours over to the next month.

Many marketing companies’ clients don’t feel they get value from conventional retainers – and believe they’re paying for time the company isn’t really spending on them. Our way keeps clients happy by giving them the service and the results they want.

Like many innovations before it, we think it will be adopted by others, and soon become standard practice across our industry.