25 Sep 2013

So ….it was a bittersweet occasion as we saw them go as the Stand Tall giraffes found their new ‘forever’ homes. But didn’t they do well? And weren’t they just fabulous?! We are extremely proud that conservation projects around the world will receive a massive boost after Colchester Zoo raised £115,400 through the Stand Tall Auction.

Not to mix my mammals but it’s been a mammoth project and one that we believe will continue to live on in the hearts of the people in our town and county.

And why stop there when they have bought so much joy? Perhaps there should be a school reunion of the small giraffes? Some of the new owners of the big giraffes plan to have their new tall friends still on public display…so they will remain with us always.

Happy Birthday Colchester Zoo – everyone has truly enjoyed celebrating your 50th with you! Here’s to the next 50 years….

For more information about the charity, visit www.actionforthewild.org or visit www.colchester-zoo.com/standtalll to find out more about the Stand Tall for Giraffes project.