14 Aug 2020

This year more than ever, people have been finding solace in the arts. The popularity of podcasts has risen again, with the number being 45% higher than it was last year, and predictions that the number will increase by 80% by 2022. With the growth in podcast listeners comes the increase of reach for advertisements. Many brands are now moving towards the podcast platform with their ads, rather than other audio platforms such as radio. According to statistics from Marketing Week, 78% podcast listeners approve of podcast sponsorships, with 67% being able to recall products and brands that are featured in the show.

Podcasts are a great way to promote your business. Podcast listeners are typically very loyal; they subscribe and come back for every episode. The show becomes a part of a daily routine, hence why podcasts are so addictive. This also improves the connection between customer and brand, as having a voice to a formerly faceless company will make you more personable and will build trust between you both. When it comes to advertising through podcast, on the whole people are less likely to skip them, like you might on a YouTube video, as they do not want to miss any of the show. According to one survey, 63% of listeners have bought a product that they heard being advertised on a podcast.

Another great aspect of podcasting is that content-wise you can really get creative. The range of podcast topics is limitless, so essentially anything goes. You could do bitesize episodes about one specific concept, or hour-long interviews with colleagues and clients. Either way, getting your voice out there could really boost your client loyalty and engagement.

So, podcasting, how do you do it? All that you need to do is get yourself a decent microphone and hit record! There are many different podcast platforms, such as Buzzsprout, Podbean and Blubrry. They are simple to use and quick to get started on.

If you would like assistance or advice for launching your own podcast, the KAT team would be happy to chat it through with you – give us a call on 01206 765544.