06 Jul 2020

There’s a new social media popping up all the time, and it’s important for a businesses marketing strategy to stay up to date with the latest online trends. TikTok has grown in popularity tremendously over the last year, so the recent launch of TikTok for Business makes perfect sense. So, how does it work, and how can this new app benefit your company’s growth?



The regular TikTok profile consists of your profile image, profile video, name, username, bio, and the option to connect to your YouTube channel. Switching over to a business profile gives you extra features such as including a link to your website and adding an email for visitors to contact you.



Like other social media giants Instagram and Facebook, TikTok provides business accounts with its own built in analytics tool. This can be used to monitor your performance on the platform through tracking data such as video views, followers profile views and your trending videos. You will also be given insights into your viewers and the content that they engage with once passing the 100 followers mark. Using this information, you will be able to create the content your current and potential followers want to see, boosting your engagement and recognition through the app.


Brand Takeovers

Upon opening the TikTok app, users will always first be greeted by a Brand Takeover Ad. These ads will also pop up occasionally on a user’s ‘For You’ page as they scroll through the apps content. To create a Brand Takeover Ad, you will need to make an account with TikTok Ad Manager. Here, you can create your campaign, choose your advertising objective (e.g. app installs or increasing website traffic), set the audience/demographic you want to reach with your ad and set your advertising budget. There is also a built-in reporting feature which will allow you to monitor your ads engagement.


In-Feed Videos

TikTok has shot its way to the top as a video sharing app loved by millions all over the world. Anyone can create videos for everyone to see, meaning anyone can go viral. Reach your desired audience by creating videos about your company and the services and products you provide, using relevant hashtags. Give viewers tips or advice using your expertise or show clips of employees using or wearing your product. This app isn’t the most professional of platforms, so don’t be afraid to have some fun with it. By bringing a smile to a viewer’s face, it can make them feel more connected with your brand and encourage them to use you in the future.


Hashtag Challenges

It’s impossible to browse TikTok without coming across the numerous trends including dances and challenges that have been collated by creators on the app. Many of these challenges will have an associated hashtag, which makes it easier to search and view all relating videos. These hashtags can then make it onto the TikTok trending page, which is visible to all users. Companies can create their own hashtag challenges as part of a campaign to promote their business or a new product. These can be made into competitions to add incentive for people to take part, with well-known influencers or celebrities creating demo videos as part of the launch.


Branded Effects

If you are creating your own hashtag challenge to promote your business, then the perfect accompaniment would be your own branded effect. There are many filters, stickers, effects and templates for creators on TikTok to use in their video-making, and the app has given brands the opportunity to create their own. By using branded effects on a video, viewers will immediately know that it is linked to your company.


See this recent example of a Hashtag Challenge campaign using a Branded Effect on TikTok by company Daz: #DazItUp


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