17 Feb 2014

Since 2004 social media has been the beast that’s just kept growing….and we keep on feeding it!

New sites, new products, new news!  Everyone can get involved and stay on top of the latest buzz.  As the beast gets bigger so we have to ask … what will be the next big social media craze?

The active usage of social networking has risen massively since 2009; new research shows that as of the summer 2013:

  •      Facebook have a total of 1.11 Billion users
  •      Twitter has 645,750,000
  •      LinkedIn has 259 Million
  •      Instagram has 150 Million

And a picture is worth a thousand words…imagery is an increased favourite on social media with interest in posts on Facebook rising by an amazing 53% if you include a photo or infogram

Twitter sees 89% rise in tweets being favourited if they included pictures and a whopping 150% re-tweeted if you include a snap-shot with you daily tweet!

In 2013, Instagram was the fastest growing social networking site and currently sees over 40 million pictures being uploaded daily.

The latest and fourth most downloaded app is Snapchat.  Currently only available on Iphone, it has 18.6% of users active on it.   Snapchat is an app that allows users to send pictures and videos to each other, but there are only available for brief moment of time (generally 1-10seconds) after which they are hidden and removed.

So here we stand poised and ready for the next big platform to arrive as our hunger for more social media platforms appears never-ending and our need for faster-paced messages, instant entertainment and thirst for news continues.

The beast continues to reign over the masses.  We say…long live the beast!