18 Feb 2016

I was actually one of the first few people to register an account on twitter. What was twitter? I had no idea at that time, alongside everyone else, but I knew that I wanted to be part of it.

As twitter grew in popularity, it started to be spoken about by businesses and news outlets and this became the catalyst that boosted twitter as a source of instant information. Back then I couldn’t comprehend the importance of having instant information at my fingertips. It was only when I stayed up one night to watch a sporting event which had a controversial outcome, a MMA event were the judging seemed very unreasonable, from that moment I understood how powerful twitter was becoming and how much more it had to travel on its journey. There were people tweeting instant quotes, updates and opinions on what had just happened long before any website could post, and for that matter a newspaper could publish. Twitter had me hooked, alongside many more. I became fascinated with social media.

Fast forward to now and a lot has changed with just over a billion registered twitter users. Today, a large portion of adult online users are active on various social media platforms. Social media has become heavily embedded in our social consciousness. The overarching integration of social media and everyday life has been made possible by the developments of mobile devices. Now we can access our social media accounts any time of the day, in any location. At KAT Marketing I use social media, to communicate with our client’s customers and target audiences. We present the user with primary information about the client but then give them a flavour of the clients branding, culture and ethos through other means such as related posts, articles, pictures and videos.

We also use social media as an advertising platform. Advertising on social media is a cost effective way of reaching your target audience and converting viewers to the client’s website to either purchase or download a voucher or offer. What I love about this form of social media advertising is that you get almost instant data and feedback. This gives you the ability to change an advertisement campaign instantly to align with the user’s behaviour.

If you have any queries about social media or you would like a chat about growing your brand’s digital presence please contact us at KAT Marketing.