22 Apr 2020

Lockdown can bring with it unexpected opportunities such as using this time to focus on aspects of your business that your marketing company may have been nagging you about for a while; the digital transformation has accelerated due to Covid 19, from how you do business to how you are perceived in business can change at a rapid pace.

Let’s look at what you can be doing right now, in relation to your social media presence.

Think about it – lockdown means that everyone is spending more time than ever online, scrolling through their various applications, and stumbling across their next favourite company that happens to catch their attention with an intriguing post. Now is a better time than ever to jump into action and give your social platforms a much-needed spring makeover.

Consistency and cleanliness are the key to giving a good online impression. Start by ensuring that your company username is the same across all your platforms, making it easy for people to find you wherever they choose to look. The same rule applies with profile pictures and headers – use your company logo and branding to create a sleek and professional look.

Use all social media tools to your advantage. You may have never used Instagram stories and highlights before but features like this offer information on your company in small doses to spark interest, increasing the chances of potential customers coming to your main page to find out more.

How visually pleasing are your profiles and pages? Consistent use of colours, good lighting and similar tones in images and graphics make for a more satisfying viewing experience and shows that you care about how you present yourself to your customers and audience. A great and easy way to do this is to create a pre-set filter to use for all your pictures so that you can keep the same theme throughout your posts.

Relevant posting is of great importance. For example, if you own a restaurant writing posts encouraging people to visit and try your amazing food is an empty message to give your audience right now, as this isn’t possible for them to do in our current climate. Instead, post about how your team members have been keeping busy in isolation, share some throwbacks of exciting events or show the preparations you are making to improve your business for when you are able to invite customers back in. Use your online presence to connect with old and new customers, let them know about any new services you may have adapted or created to serve them right now. Keep building your brand so that they are eager to come and support your business when doors are back open.

If you’re interested in receiving professional support and advice with optimising your social media platforms, give the KAT Marketing team a call on 01206 765544.