04 Aug 2015

I love Facebook and not for stalking exs and long lost friends (although that has a certain appeal) but for its business application and everyday there’s something new.

5 Fascinating Facebook  Facts…

  1. The ongoing evolution – there is no complacency at Facebook every day there is something new whether that is new algorithms, breaking news or the next viral sensation.  Keeping up to date can help you stay ahead of your competition giving your business an edge.

  2. The stats are overwhelming – Facebook has over 1.393 billion monthly active users, a staggering 890 million people log into Facebook daily with 72% of adults online visiting Facebook at least once a month (stats for the 1st quarter of 2015).  If you aren’t utilising Facebook this is a lot of people to ignore!

  3. The data stored is vast more than 300 petabytes… and all this data is good news if you have something to market; as the data collected by Facebook gives unprecedented opportunities to target specific users online.

  4. “A picture is worth a thousand words” and nowhere is that more true than on social media with over 250 billion photos already uploaded to Facebook and an average of 350 million photos uploaded daily. Content is important and we recommend a social media strategy to keep a business on track.

  5. Facebook is big business with 9,199 employees and the global economic impact said to be $227 billion!

A hidden benefit of social media being part of my job… strategy, Content, advertising… is my Facebook addiction is entirely justified and as Facebook evolves the fascination grows. But keeping up to date in the ever changing digital world can feel like a challenge but one, we think, everyone should rise to!  Ignoring social media and the 1.393 billion and growing users of Facebook (to say nothing of Twitter, Google+ etc – more on those another day) is not sensible.  

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