26 Sep 2017

Google like to keep us on our toes when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) with  new tactics emerging all the time to get (and keep!) your website in Google’s good graces for that much needed high SEO ranking.

At KAT Marketing we’re big on maximising SEO potential – so much so that we’ve decided to dish out five hacks to improve your site’s SEO completely free of charge! Let’s get to it…


A meta description is hidden in the code of your website and used by Google to display a short description of your site when it appears in search engine results. Every page on your website should include a meta description unique to the page’s content and also include the keywords you want people to search for in order to find your website. Pro tip: If you’ve outsourced the writing of your website copy be sure the copy writers are optimising your written content for SEO! This way you can re-use page copy for meta descriptions and cover all your bases.


The team at KAT Marketing are always telling our clients about the importance of their social media presence and it’s not just for customer engagement – it also helps improve your position on Google’s search results. A wider online presence means Google is more likely to index your content and will also drive traffic to your social media platforms which is a double win!


Google heavily favours websites who regularly update with new and up to date content, which is why having a blog is the best tool for ensuring you’re keeping your content fresh. Whilst you may not want or need to update your website’s about page every month, you can keep your content fresh with relevant monthly blog posts which will also generate new leads through your content. I think that might be another double win… so is that a double, double win? You get it – let’s move on!


A slow website will struggle to rank high on Google as they’re not keen on promoting websites that have a poor user experience. You can use tools such at GTMetrix to check the speed at which your website loads – the general rule is to keep your loading speed under 4 seconds for a good user experience (and to avoid users closing down your site – we’re an impatient bunch nowadays!). If you find your website is loading much slower than this then it’s worth sourcing a web developer (link) to fix things up for you.


Speaking of user experience, Google will also penalise your search engine results for something as simple as a broken link lingering on an old website page. If your site is built using WordPress then you may find the Broken Link Checker plugin (link) the perfect tool to resolve these issues, if not then you can try using Google Search Console (link) which will generate a report of broken links after a few days of signing up. Fix them up ASAP to keep your SEO in check!

Keen to fully maximise your SEO potential? We pride ourselves on keeping up to date with best SEO practices as part of our web design in Colchester at KAT Marketing. From submitting your sitemap to back end web development, we’ve got the tools and experience to take your rankings to the very top of Google’s search engine results. Get in touch with us today to see what we can do for you.