Open the Door into Digital Marketing with Apprenticeships

13 Aug 2021

We recently welcomed Lili Talbott as our newest member of the KAT Pack. Lili is working with us as our new Digital Marketing Apprentice, to gain valuable work experience at our full-service marketing agency alongside studying a Level 3 course with Colchester Institute. Having completed her A-Levels, she decided that instead of taking the university route, that working full time in her desired industry would be the best way to open the door of opportunity, whilst obtaining a real-world experience in the life of a digital marketer.

Apprenticeships have been around for years but are recently becoming an increasingly popular choice for both young people and employers. Whilst providing a form of education, they offer valuable hands-on experience that sitting in a classroom could never deliver. With the only requirements being GCSE level qualifications (as well as, of course, a positive attitude to learn and grow), they are a fantastic option for those looking for the first step into their career, without the worry of looming university debt.

Not only does an apprentice get to grow and develop important skills that will help them throughout their future career, but apprenticeships can be of huge benefit to the employer as well. Putting in the work to help develop these young minds can reward an employer with a big ROI down the line, as they are able to work on skills that are directly relevant to the company for which they’re working. Apprenticeships often result in a high calibre of staff for a business, giving employers the opportunity to scout the best of the fresh new young professionals in the industry. Being able to upskill your workforce with apprentices and adapt their training to suit your specific business needs can result in better productivity and higher quality products and services.

KAT Marketing have certainly seen the benefits of taking on apprentices in the past, and we are delighted to have Lili on board! If you’re interested in becoming a Digital Marketing Apprentice with KAT, give us a call on 01206 765544 to chat or drop us an email at [email protected] with your CV and a covering letter.