27 Jan 2014

Every time Katie comes into the office we all ridicule her for her beloved Blackberry phone which she truly treasures whilst we show off our array of Iphones, Samsungs and Sony specials.  But is it finally time to let it go? KAT Marketing is always at the forefront of innovative change and creativity and it’s simply undeniable that in the last few years Blackberry phones have had a very hard time, not keeping up with the ever-changing technology that keeps appearing.   Compared to others on the market, how does it live up for the smart corporate tweeting on the job?

Although my Iphone 4S is not the king of mobile phones, it is part of the Royal family nonetheless, and one of the most known, reliable and loved phones of the 21st century.  With its large range of apps, sleek look and handy gadgets to fit any personality it is a high contender in Smartphone options .  Whereas the Blackberry has upgraded most of its designs and features to bring them out of the Stone Age, but it still doesn’t quite match up by not even having professional apps at your fingertips which allow you stay in touch with business and receive information when not in the office. 

So I’m feeling pretty smug.  I’m feeling like I’ve found my mission for Monday.  I’m going to make her understand what she’s missing out on.  She’ll finally understand that she’s not benefiting by keeping to her habitual style of mobile and that today, today is the day I introduce Apple into her life.

She just got off her mobile.  Now is the chance I’ve been waiting for to give her my sermon on the mount.  I’m ready and …….she gets an Ipad Mini out of her handbag. 

Damn it….

And her comment?  She likes the best of both worlds.

Perhaps I need a new Monday mission