09 Apr 2018

Anyone who has ever spent hours painstakingly customising their MySpace profile will be able to recognise how far the world has come in creating a personal, custom experience – especially on a digital level.

Compared with the days of dial-up internet and minimal television channels, times have certainly changed. We have seen this reflected in the rise of internet stars – bloggers, vloggers and even musicians discovered online – and in the notable change in our television and film viewing habits. Gone are the days of squabbling over the remote and watching ‘whatever was on’; here are the days of viewing what we want, when we want, on a variety of platforms.

We all enjoy the perks of this shift in focus and relish the extra opportunities available to us – as we create our custom playlists, binge through our personalised ‘To Watch’ lists, and hide our ads. We are even able express ourselves to a wider platform, sharing snaps of our pets, creating instructional videos or blogging our world views; we are all in a better position to make our own individual mark on the world. As a consumer, this all serves to enhance and assist our lives daily.

With a rise of technology and information accessible at our fingertips, addressing marketing on a collective basis becomes an increasing challenge. How do you continue to reach the right audience with your marketing activity? How do you keep an impatient audience’s interest?

Stay Social

Maintaining and managing your online presence is an ideal way to deliver your message to the masses. Keeping your profiles fresh and on-trend with regular snappy social media posts, blogs or eye-catching imagery will serve to encourage followers who will interact with your material – their likes and shares will help to generate wider interest.

Become Mobile

Ensuring your brand is accessible anytime, anywhere, using mobile-friendly websites and mobile applications, will help to convert a user’s interest into their interaction with your online material. This also encourages discussion (down the pub and on the commute) prompting word-of-mouth sharing of information and further social promotion of your product.


Emotive, useful events can generate a buzz around your brand and allows you to leave a positive lasting impression on your target market. Being able to meet and interact personally with attendees allows you a chance to gain a better insight into your audience – what are their needs and opinions, and how can you continue to target them specifically?

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