04 Dec 2015

Changes in technology have altered ‘capturing the moment’ forever with people endlessly reaching for their phones and snap-snapping away.

We love the ability to film and photograph easily but have felt the impact on the photography industry with redundancies amongst media photographers rife.  This shift has often been to the detriment of high quality images that only a trained eye, high quality camera and editing can achieve.  Enough to make our usual pink KAT team feel blue…

But fear not, as the advancements in 4K have us excited!  

We have all missed the exact moment we wanted to capture because someone moved at the wrong time or closed their eyes as we, or our camera, weren’t quite quick enough.  A camera with electronic shutters for fast shutter speeds helps to capture the moment, but 4K takes it to a whole new level.  Professional cameras currently capture around 12-14 frames per second, however the 4K video will shoot at 30 frames per second!  

The ultra-high resolution which 4K video offers means it’s possible to grab a still from captured video which is high quality enough to be used as a stand-alone still image.  The 4K resolution gives much more control in post-production over images – resizing, cropping, stabilisation and smaller grain.  The detail is staggering… and we love it!

The possibilities for the future of photography are exciting and a recent get together with a local photographer (and KAT chum!) left us eulogising about the amazing detail captured in a client’s photo shoot, alongside the pending advancements that are still yet to come!

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