15 Mar 2017

We all want social media success to be like shooting fish in a barrel, but the fact is that it’s just not that simple. Without the right tools and skill set at your disposal then your account just will not get the traction that you hope for. Creating the right content is key and if you want to reel in new customers then you need to work at the following:

Manufacturing the hook

Relevance and timing is key to social media success. As with any hashtag or trending story that matters now and is not relevant in a day’s time. Hooking your post to a specific hashtag, news story or moment can help you reach people at a time when they are highly engaged.

Towing the right line

If you put the wrong bait on a line you won’t catch any fish and it works exactly the same for social. Putting the wrong content in front of the wrong audience will get no engagement. Tailor your content to the audience you have not the followers you think you should have.

The clincher

Be social, that’s what it is all about. Getting buy in from your staff is vital to any commercial social media account. The more staff you capture doing cool stuff is what people want to see and engage with. Make your brand accessible and not a closed shop.

Social media wasn’t made for business, but done correctly it is a partnership made in heaven.