28 Jun 2019

Customers are continuously faced with an overwhelming choice of services and products all declaring to be the best on the market, and as a consumer, our decision is channelled by our gut feelings and instincts. These are otherwise known as cognitive biases, which subconsciously direct us towards the products and services we let into our lives and dictate what we invest in.

Understanding these goes a long way in finding effective marketing strategies to attract more customers for your business. Comprehending the human brain will shed light on why people buy or don’t buy your brand, which will help direct future marketing to increase traffic and convert sales.

At KAT Marketing we’re always looking to increase conversion rates, so we’ve filtered through an array of cognitive biases and categorised them into four shortcuts to help you improve the effectiveness of your online marketing:

Consumers will buy what the crowd buy

The more popular something gets, the higher chance of more people trying it. This can be effective on your website by displaying how many customers you’ve served alongside ratings and reviews. Showing how popular your service is can encourage others to believe they should try it too, positively impacting their decision to purchase.

Consumers buy what will satisfy them in the moment      

Behavioural science states that we as consumers would much rather purchase something for instant gratification than wait to be satisfied later. There are a few ways businesses can deliver instant fulfilment to exploit this – delivery and finance. By offering credit and instant-free spending options and rapid delivery time, consumers are much more likely to jump at the convenience and convert.

Consumers will buy what experts promote

By partnering with influencers, you can deliver marketing content through a channel that provides authority to the message. We as consumers are more willing to believe people who appear to be experts in the field. This is especially effective for new brands as you can explain your service through a trusted source which increases the response you will gain through marketing and attract customers that are already primed to love your product.

Consumers will pay attention to what you want them to

If you want customers to be drawn to the call-to-action button, design it in a big and bold font. If you have great success rates of customers who have used your services, use colours and fonts that will draw your visitors’ eye to the information. Doing so will help your customers remember this information and increase the likelihood that they will convert.

At its core, conversion optimization is all about persuading an individual to perceive your company in a positive way and to make the decision to ultimately trust you and to purchase from you. If you understand how people think and what motivates them in their decision-making process, you can leverage that knowledge to optimize your online marketing to drive purchasing decisions and influence sales.

Alongside these four key shortcuts to leverage cognitive biases, you need to ensure you have an up-to-date marketing plan in place. At KAT Marketing, we can help you to plan, design and implement digital and traditional campaigns to drive your business forward. Contact us now to discuss your options.