30 Sep 2020

What is Email Marketing? 

Email marketing has been in circulation for many moons, proving time and time again to be an effect and direct way of communicating with customers – generating sales leads and nurturing them along the way to ultimately becoming loyal (and hopefully returning) clients for your business.

Although email marketing is commonly used to distribute company updates and informative monthly newsletters at the click of a button, it is important to remember that the content you produce needs to spark a high open rate to generate any valuable conversions. Whether that be purchasing a product or encouraging the user to click through to your website – if you’re able to grab the attention of a user with a single sentence subject line, you’re on to a winner! But how do you achieve this? That’s where we come in!

 A few key benefits of developing your email marketing strategy:

Increased Brand Awareness  

In the current digitally driven landscape, businesses are fighting for that top spot in Google’s rankings and taking on social media algorithms for likes and shares. One sure-fire way to achieve a much-needed boost in engagement is to utilise your email marketing lists by linking to your website and social media channels – as well as encouraging your audience to share your mailer and content on their personal or business pages. Not only does this raise brand awareness, it also creates a buzz surrounding your content that may attract new users to sign up to your newsletters and follow you on social media.

Low Price Point  

 Unlike other more traditional ways of reaching out to your customers, email marketing campaigns come with a much smaller price tag attached and can reach a wider (even international) audience.

Boost ROI by Contacting an Already-Engaged Audience

The beauty of email marketing campaigns is that you are communicating with an audience that is already in some way engaged with your brand, having committed their details and subscribed to find out more about your business. This leads to a much more valuable audience when it comes to conversions.


Email marketing is extremely trackable and reportable; with heat mapping technology you will be able to see the exact regions from where users have shown the most interest, clicked through to your site or webpages, or have shared your content.

You will also be able to create resend lists for users that may have missed the first mailer and therefore have not been able to open the email to interact with your content – the options are endless!

Start Using Email Marketing Today!

Your customer communication should never be a chore – email marketing provides the perfect opportunity to open up a valuable dialog between you and your customers.

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