01 Jul 2020

During lockdown, entertainment became a huge factor for content – the joy of creativity made it back to the forefront of marketing again as new and inventive ways were needed to captivate and keep attention on brands.

Transactional click throughs, lead acquisition and tracking numbers have become the ultimate in marketing as digital continues to provide us with more opportunities than ever before. It is very important though not let ideas and creativity become lost through this accelerated digital transformative period. Remember the human element, find the fun, look to ‘real’ moments, search for ways to establish connection and evoke emotion.

People remember how they feel, they remember, and they are engaged for longer – transactions can be made for convenience and need but they do not necessarily hold brand loyalty.

If you cannot measure something it is often hard to justify moving forward with it, we are always careful with SME’s budgets and treat them as if they are our own. We hear time and time again that B2B are people too; so, talk to them like people.

A change of culture is often needed for changes to your approach to marketing. And change is hard! Covid-19 has forced innovation and risk-taking, which has seen many benefits for one and all, leading to changes of strategy for companies across all sectors, large and small. It shows that regardless of resistance to change businesses CAN adapt when they need to and that perhaps before you go back to how things were, remember this is the time when you can truly transform.

No one is more interested in getting results than we are – we work very hard for our clients and make sure that they get return on investment. We would encourage you to use this momentum to become the business you want to become, build new customer bases, add revenue streams, think differently and market differently.

Be braver, think longer term and get ready to drive change forward…because it’s happening anyway.