IMG 5569 Some months ago we were chatting in the KAT Marketing office about doing something special to mark the 30 anniversary of ChildLine.  In common with many good brainstorming sessions we dismissed a few ideas – too risky, too impractical, too costly, too dangerous…  we laughed a lot, second coffee in and we struck on an idea we all loved.  A record breaking attempt coupled with a traditional children’s party game. Which led us to be at Party in the Park in Colchester Castle Park on Saturday 30th July attempting a World Record Challenge for the Largest Game of Musical Statues ever.

The KAT team coordinated the making of thousands of coloured sashes, volunteers galore and as the sun beamed down on the crowds, Head KAT and Chair of the NSPCC Colchester Business Group, Katie Skingle, took to the stage with Dream 100 presenter Dominic Atkins.

Over the next hour, thousands were caught out by the mute button. No blood was spilt but sweat and tears of laughter certainly fell as the crowds came together and danced.  After several eerie moments in Castle Park, where thousands repeatedly froze in complete silence, a lone smiling dancer emerged as the victor – Colchester resident, Sam Sawyers.

The World Record is currently being verified by official Guinness World Record adjudicators, but once confirmed, the KAT Kittens and all 1,116 who took part in the World Record Attempt will have put Colchester firmly on the record breaking map!

The fantastic event raised £2,000 for the NSPCC’s local ‘Speak Out. Stay Safe.’ Programme, which was presented to Katie on the evening by the organisers of Party in the Park.