Economic climate means PR never more necessary, says sponsor

The Marketing category has made a comeback at this year’s Colchester Business Awards, and local PR company, Kat Creativ, says the economic climate makes it more relevant than ever. The Colchester-based company is co-sponsor of the category with chartered surveyors and property consultants Whybrow, and believes that clever marketing can give a business the edge in difficult economic times.

Katie Skingle, Director of Kat Creativ, says: “It’s significant that Marketing is back this year. On the face of it, everyone’s tightening their belts at the moment, cutting advertising spends and looking at staffing levels. But marketing is actually more useful now. When people are concerned about spending money, and it’s more difficult to do business, that makes it even more important to build a profile or enhance your brand. Marketing, specifically PR, help you compete. The higher your profile, the better your chances of picking up the business and sales that are out there.

“People think you can cut back now, and increase your marketing when the economy picks up, but that’s one of the big myths. There’s a great saying in the US: you can’t fatten a pig on market day! If you keep marketing now, you’ll be in a much stronger position than someone who cuts back and then tries ramp things up in the good times. It always takes time to get a PR strategy off the ground, so those guys will be later to market than you.”