We’ve all done it.  First of January strikes and its resolution-making time all over again!  I’ll quit chocolate, I’ll exercise more and I’ll ring my mother every week…

Well, we see it in business too…I need to plan more, I need to contact past customers and I need send out my newsletter every month….

Maybe the problem with resolutions is that they are made in January.  Perhaps this in itself is too late for the changes needed in the forthcoming year.  Maybe our mindset needs to know in December what we wish to achieve for the 12 months ahead, so come 1st January we are saying, I have a plan in place, I am sending my newsletter on the 10th of each month and my past customers are now current customers!

In business and specifically marketing, we believe planning is key.  You can have the greatest ideas in the world, but you must plan and know how to follow them through to success…or your ideas will just stay ideas!

If you would like to plan your marketing activity for next year instead of continuing with a haphazard approach when opportunities are thrown your way then please give us a call and we will help you get ready for 2014.

As we approach the season of goodwill we would like to give you an early Christmas present and offer to write you a working 12 month action plan for your marketing activity for FREE (subject to T&C).

Call now on 01206 765544, and let’s ‘Get Ready’ for 2014…..