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Individual Marketing for the Masses

Anyone who has ever spent hours painstakingly customising their MySpace profile will be able to recognise how far the world has come in creating a personal, custom experience – especially on a digital level. Compared with the days of dial-up…

Digital for 2017

It has happened, 2017 is here whether you believe it or not and digital is arguably more important than ever. Your online presence is now your first impression so let’s make sure it’s a good one. Here at KAT, we’ve…

Image Advancements

Changes in technology have altered ‘capturing the moment’ forever with people endlessly reaching for their phones and snap-snapping away. We love the ability to film and photograph easily but have felt the impact on the photography industry with redundancies amongst…

2014 from 1989

  Having seen the London Underground’s 150th efforts recently, I remember sitting in class like a good little student planning our class’s own space time capsule so that all the aliens could learn about us when they landed in 2014…….