Bad PR

PR man Gerry McCusker has some good insights into the BP oil disaster on his PR disasters blog. We don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t sympathise – at least a little bit – with BP Chief Exec Tony Hayward. By 19 June, he deserved a day off. But… this story is being presented as a David and Goliath struggle between fishermen and conservationists on one side and a major multinational on the other. And he went sailing. On a yacht he co-owns. If we were his PR people, and he told us his day off with his teenage son was non-negotiable, we’d understand. And we’d tell him to take the kid to the movies. Want expert crisis PR advice and handling? Come to Kat Creativ!

Honest PR?

Debenhams is publicising its new swimwear range with some non-airbrushed pictures of a model in a bikini. As the Indy article points out, “manipulated pictures… put pressure on women, and particularly teenage girls, to try to achieve a look that isn’t possible”. Two women run this company, and three staff have daughters, so we’re all in favour! But we think it’s very clever, too. Dove have shown how much momentum you can give an ad campaign by using ‘real’ women, and now Debenhams have found a different angle on the same idea. Or, to put it another way, if you’re going to run an ad featuring a woman in a bikini, that’s one way of not getting attacked for it!


Here at Kat Creativ, we like a nice telly as much as the next person – especially when there’s something decent on (come back soon, Doctor Who!) But, we have to agree with Which – we’re not entirely sure what “megapixels, contrast ratios, resolutions and refresh rates” are. When we buy a TV set, we’re more likely to ask “Is the picture good?” What’s not a surprise is that John Lewis came out as a good retailer to go to if you want someone who can explain all that technical stuff. Who doesn’t love John Lewis? Now there’s an outfit with some good PR! To get some of your own, try the house of Kat.