We don’t give out awards ourselves, but we’ve got to hand it to Fox Biscuits for setting up the spoof British Biscuit Advisory Board, and fooling several hundred council Health and Safety bods into filling in their questionnaire about biscuit-related injuries!

Not only that, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents actually came up with some real figures when the press picked up on the story. Apparently, an average of 400 people a year go to A&E after an altercation with a cookie. Mind you, that’s only funny if you’re not the woman who stabbed herself in the hand while trying to prise a Smartie off a gingerbread man…

We’re trying to give up biscuits, but even without the occasional sugar rush, we’re still full of PR and marketing ideas ourselves. Earlier in the year, we gave a client their second-biggest sales month ever with just a simple e-shot. That’s £5,000+ of orders with just 80 words!

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