Here’s the web trends that the KAT Marketing team have been loving this month.

‘Card’ design homepages

Image source: Netflix

Netflix do this and they do it really well.  By using this card style design for their user’s homepage it provides a doorway to further content on their website and allows for lots of content to be displayed which increases the chance that the user will continue to browse. We think this is an excellent way of encouraging click through on your website and showcasing all the content you have available for existing and future customers, definitely one to consider when you revamp your website!

Making typography count

Image source: Ours Roux

Whilst all of your website content matters, right now it’s all about using attention grabbing words to capture your user’s interest and using them as big as possible. Pair this with some high resolution photography and you are sure to conquer the minimalistic design trends we have seen throughout the last couple of years online.

‘Real’ chat bots

Image source: WP live chat support

There’s something very clinical about the idea of a chat bot, but maybe that’s because we’re all imagining a script running through a web server generating generic responses to you when all you really want is to speak to a real person who can help you. Which is why we are loving the idea of ‘real’ chat bots, which allow for a chat system to exist on your website with a real member of your team at the other end, readily available to help new and existing customers with queries when they may not be able to reach for the phone.

Making data beautiful

Image source: Constant Contact

The way you deliver your website content to the end user matters. It’s not as simple as typing up several paragraphs to explain figures and expecting your user to respond to that because the reality is that people find this kind of content boring and difficult to consume. So what’s the solution? Data visualisation.

Whether you’re using pie charts, scatter graphs, icons or even just getting creative with typography like we mentioned above, right now it’s all about making your data understandable to the masses. Think Microsoft Excel combined with good design and you’ve got yourself an attractive data visualisation.

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